Today I went to ROMA (SPQR) – The Ancient Roman Themed Sim which lists itself in the search engine as "Roman Market, Tavern, Gladiator Arena, Chariot Races, Baths, Freebies, & more!" It has a website at I hadn’t visited this site since the first week I joined SL, so I was overdue to return. When I arrived, I was unhappy to find flying disabled, but they had a very nice litter system that teleported you to various destinations around the island, so I did not miss flying as much. The site was too big and too full of things to see to be able to visit it all tonite, so I confined

Chariot_001 myself to just a few areas tonite. First, to have fun I visited a circus where I could race a chariot. This was interesting, but not exciting as if I had someone to race against. Next I visited the Theater of Dionysos. This was really cool in that you could sit down and activate a play to watch. There was a static figure that recited line while a screen changed scenes, similar to a PowerPoint presentation.Chariot_002_2 I have to admit, when I first visited the site months ago I was more interested in seeing what was for sale, I was in the collecting mode that seems to strike people in SL soon after joining. (I noticed this at one of our workshops – everyone paid attention while they learned to navigate then when they discovered changing their avatar’s appearance they lost interest in the demonstration and hunted out freebie sites to get stuff). Anyway, this site will take a few visits to get a better perspective on it.

Anyway, the PKAP poster is done. I printed 2 copies and shipped one to David to have him drive it up while another copy will take its chances in my checked luggage later this week. I will be leaving NC on Monday, so no blogging Monday, but I should be ok for the rest of the week.


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