Roman Empire in SL Revisited

I took the opportunity to revisit the SL site Roman Empire in an effort to catch a gladiator battle. When I arrived, I was excited, there were 12 other avatars at the site, a good sign for catching a gladiator fight. I also noticed that flying was disabled, unlike my prior visits. So I went into the arena and took a seat with about 8 other avatars and waited. I spent my time practicing looking around the arena with my camera. While I waited, I worked on our AIA poster, (third incarnation after getting upset and deleting two prior versions). After a few minutes, a Roman legionnaire in authentic looking garb walked into the arena on the upper level and I have to admit I was eager to see what happened. But, nothing happened right away. Then a female gladiator in a matrix-like outfit came in to stand next to the legionnaire. But still no action. So, to kill a few minutes, and having given up on the poster for the night, I watched some of the Mythbusters holiday special while periodically checking in on the arena. When I came back, both the legionnaire and the female gladiator were gone. I finally got up and went for a walk and found a sign saying that gladiator fights were at 6:00 PM SL time (9:00 PM EST) on weekdays, which meant I was an hour too late. Determined to find a gladiator battle, I visited ROMA (SPQR), but no luck there either. So, I will have to come back on another night, sorry for the lack of substance to this entry. But I will be back, I am determined to see what a gladiator battle looks like.


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