The Poster, at last….maybe

So, I started working on the PKAP poster for the AIA in Chicago today. Well, I have started it several times before, but today it was a serious attempt to get going. You can usually find information on the web about everything, but I have not been happy with my searches for help with creating academic posters. I really haven’t found anything that has helped me this time. The first time I did a poster of this size, back in 2005, there were quite a few sites that gave me lots of good info and since I was starting from absolutely no knowledge to build on – they were very helpful. This time, I was looking for…..I guess some intermediate level guides – does that make sense? Anyway, no luck. I found basically the same sites I found before, with nothing that helps me out this time. My problem is that I have absolutely no artistic ability – my kids (ages 7 and 4) already draw better than I do. Someone suggested that I hire a professional artist to take care of this for me, but that would cost me more money than I am willing to pay (or more than my wife is willing for me to pay). So, what I did today was…spend time thinking about my layout – this was actually easy to do. I did it while watching TV, answering email, grading papers, and watching a local minor league hockey game with my son. Anyway, for some reason I did not have any brilliant ideas, so about an hour ago I opened up Adobe Illustrator and went to work. First, I picked a font and created a title then……….changed the font of the tile…….realigned it…..and changed the font back. I am off to a roaring start and exhausted from all that work, so I will pick it up tomorrow.


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