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Today was a day of grading and SL. We are making a presentation to the IUP Council of Trustees on Thursday, so we spent an hour or so working on our 13-15 minute presentation. While we were working on it, I realized that during our presentation we were going to show them my model of the Parthenon (which everybody at IUP refers to as the Acropolis no matter how many times I correct them) and that I had not worked on it for a long while and that it is unfinished. So, tonite I worked on it and realized that it could be better, lots better. I am having a lot of trouble with textures and decoration. I want a sculpted statue, but was in a hurry so I had to use a flat photo. Anyway, after the presentation I will try to get a much better one up, but I had to have something. And yes, I did not use the best possible image. My column textures need help as well as the ceiling. Ah well, maybe next semester.


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