3D Scanning

Well, it is starting to look good for us to have access to a Next Engine 3D scanner. This raises several issues. Our first issue is getting all of our equipment to Cyprus. As was pointed out to me by Bill, I keep trying to accumulate equipment, but had a major meltdown last summer about trying to get our stuff to Cyprus since much of it is sensitive electronic equipment and cannot be checked. I guess, unless someone has a suggestion, I need to call British Air (my preferred airline to Cyprus) and see what they suggest – and most likely I will need to beg. The other issue, is what do we do with our scans and photos? We have quite a collection and need to figure out what to do with them all. Bill has suggested that we look into Omeka, which I do not know much about. I have done some looking at D-Space. So this week I will try to see what can I learn, perhaps during one of my exams – that is always a good chunk of time (2 hours) where I can do some surfing and thinking.


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