A Second Life Day

It seemed today was a day focused on Second Life (SL). It started off like a normal Thursday, with a Western Civ I class that actually went well – particularly since it was the final one of the semester. I am always amazed when I actually cover all the material I planned on covering in the class. Anyway, following the class, I attended a meeting in SL that discussed possible grant opportunities to fund SL at IUP – sort of surreal. After lunch I stopped by Crimson Island since we had a Holiday Party in our Crimson Event Center with snow, a Christmas tree, music, and dancing. A good time was had by all,and at one point I counted 16 avatars present..

Anyway, I then went to a meeting with my Dean to discuss opportunities for our college in SL. I was encouraged by his response, which was to ask me to make a presentation on SL to our college tech committee meeting tomorrow. After meeting with my Dean, I then hustled over to another committee meeting, our SL coordination committee meeting which discussed how Crimson Island is progressing and our future plans for it. Then, after that meeting we had an impromptu meeting to plan for a meeting tomorrow with the Associate Provost who wants to talk about our presentation on SL next week to the IUP Council of Trustees. Finally, when I got home I logged into SL to check up on a few things and my kids decided that they wanted to drive around Archaeology Island, so I let them fly a helicopter and a hoverboard, row a canoe, drive an inflatable boat and a jetski. Oh, and a jetpack. And to be honest, that was the best part of the day as we drove, crashed, and sank. A good ending to my SL filled day.


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