Short PKAP Update

I thought I would take the opportunity to give you an update on PKAP items, mainly because I am running out of SL sites to visit. So, anyway, let’s see…We finished proofing our latest RDAC article and sent it back to the DOA. We also received word this morning that one of our grants for next summer is going to be funded, so that is a great news. We have also started working on the poster for the AIA and actually have gotten off to a good start on how we want it to look. Our new large format printer arrived at IUP last week and has been set up so at least I’ll be able to print it up in plenty of time for the conference. We still needed to order a longer cable and some paper for it., so it is not quite operational. When I started looking at paper for large format printers, I was stunned to see all the paper options and was frankly unsure what to order. I spent some time on the phone with HP and eventually decided on a style and will let you know how it goes.

So, since it has been a while since I worked on the PKAP website, I have been planning to update the site and improve the multimedia section. First I worked on trying to take the video clips from the latest DVD Joe Patrow sent me and get them ready for putting on the web. This was actually easier than I thought (and I know nothing about working with multimedia files) so I started trying to do the same with video clips from the original documentary and immediately ran into lots of problems. Such as, I had no idea of why I couldn’t do it. Turns out that I need different software, and so I’ll have to see how much it costs to order it and if I can afford it. Anyway, I also need to figure out what is the best way to deliver the clips on the web and design a page for them. This may take a while since the semester is winding down and I need to catch up on some grading.


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