Greece in SL

So, for a change of pace destination-wise, I searched for Greece in SL. I decided to visit "Greece Official in SL," which has had over 5,900 visitors to it so far, even though its sign says that I was visitor 11,862.

The site has a recreation of the Parthenon, Panathinaiko Stadium, a cinema, a library, a theater, a windmill, an underwater site, and a museum of the Kyklades Islands. I started my visit with a trip to the museum. The museum had several posters and images of a few artifacts. Once again, from an educational standpoint, I wish the museum was a bit more interactive or explained what the artifacts were.

I next visited the "Real Life Photography Exhibit" which is only showing for a month, Before I went in, I met an avatar who wanted to speak to me in Greek, so we quickly used up my vocabulary. The exhibit was really nice and I encourage everyone to stop by and visit it before the end of the month.

In the library, they have some nice places to sit down and talk. One of the desks has a book on it that gives you a link to a website on Shakespeare. There is a bar on the waterfront that has some nice seats, a backgammon game you can play against another player, a chess set, and some poseballs that allow you to float in the water. At this point I realized that the sim was actually 3 islands – Greece Office Sim 1, Greece Official Sim 2, and Greek Commercial Park. And they are actually having a concert on December 5th at 12:30 PM SL time that will include sound, lights, and fireworks. There is even a clear underwater tunnel that you can walk through that has sealife you can look at. There is also a shop with some free stuff (clothing, postcards, posters, vases, and even a device that tells you your height. BTW, I am evidently 6’11" in SL. The site has a really nice teleport system that helps you get around the sim very easily. I encourage everyone to visit this site, it is a nice place to spend some time.


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