More Roman SL

Today I visited the SL site "Roman Empire." It was an unusual site, but exactly what it advertised itself as in the SL search engine (Combat, Role Playing, and lots of stuff for sale). The main part of the area was a collection of shops selling various goods, some modern some ancient. I eventually wandered into the arena and sat down since there was 6 other avatars sitting around the arena and someone was leaving the combat area. While I waited I read what I could about the site. It certainly is popular with over 9,000 visitors so far. After a while I got up and wandered back out to see what else I could find. I ran across a sign saying that if I wanted to be a gladiator I should report to the arena. Another sign said that there are gladiator fights at 6PM SL time on weekdays and 11PM SL on weekends. This seemed to be the main focus of the sim, so I’ll try to come back and catch a gladiatorial combat event and see what it looks like.


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