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So, today I am going to take a quick break from the SL archaeology. I found a Roman SL site that I will talk about tomorrow, but I need to do some more exploring – the site has disabled flying and that makes it take longer to check out, especially since I got trapped in a room somehow. Anyway, let’s see…on the PKAP front, quite a bit is happening. First, we got back proofs for an article we submitted and somehow our bibliography was switched with another article in the volume. Second, we are working on a letter that we are going to send to the Cypriot Department of Antiquities that will detail our progress and discuss our future plans. Third, we just mailed off a grant application yesterday (our 5th since October) and already it is time to work on another that is due at the beginning of the year. The grant writing process is tiring and to be honest a little depressing especially when you start working on the budget for upcoming seasons – so if there is anybody out there with a bucket of cash that is just sitting around……… email me. Finally, I have been putting off working on our poster for the 2008 AIA in Chicago (hopefully Bill and David don’t read this) hoping for an inspiration, and I might finally have one. This will be our second large poster and I hope to do a better job with this one. Our first poster was for the AIA 2006 annual meeting and was well….adequate? I had never done a large (4′ X 8′) , serious academic poster and I all had to go on was what I found on the web. For some reason, all I could find was information about creating scientific posters and so I figured you must just adapt that for history, and so that’s exactly what I did. I was actually quite happy with the finished poster…….until I got to the AIA and put it up. Ours was laid out in columns and had lots, and I mean lots, of information. Everyone who came by said nice things, but they wouldn’t come up and say, "Boy, that really sucks!" would they? Well, I know some people who would enjoy saying that to me, but they weren’t there. When I looked at the other posters, I was a little intimindated since they all used glossy paper (ours was regular), and were very artistic looking – something I lack. Anyway, I have solved one problem from

last time. That time I scrambled around trying to find a printing place that could print out the poster and ended up paying about $120 to get it printed. This time, I can get it printed at IUP. I collaborated on a successful National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) grant with Dr. Bev Chiarulli (IUP Anthropology) and Dr. John Benhart (IUP Geography). Some of the first equipment from that grant arrived yesterday and included a large format printer. So, instead of paying to have the poster printed, I can spend a little money and get some nice glossy paper and print it at IUP. The glossy paper alone ensures that it will be a better poster, right? Now, if I could just come up with an idea for the content……….


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