Okapi Island

Since both Bill Caraher and Sebastian Heath suggested I visit Okapi Island in SL, I decided to take them up on their suggestions. It is a very nice site, well-laid out and interesting to visit. There were some nice Chatal_001_2 recreations and even a sandbox where visitors can practice reconstructing buildings from Catal Hoyuk. This Wednesday (November 28th) there will be a remixing contest at the site where visitors can submit their reconstructions or remixes by 5 PM PST for judging. The winners will received virtual awards and have their work exhibited on the island. I have to say that this is a fabulous idea and a great way to involve the public in an archaeological project. Most people’s involvement with archaeology comes from the many cable channels (Discovery, Learning, History, etc.) and they seldom have the opportunity to participate in it and  SL offers that opportunity and it is great to see this site capitalizing on the opportunities that SL offers. For more info on Wednesday’s event (which includes tours, lectures, etc) visit wither their web site or their SL site.


On a different issue, I conducted another interview in SL last night about our work on IUP’s Archaeology Island (opening in March). A student from Temple asked me some good questions about our work and plans. The student was doing research on archaeology and collecting in SL for a class in ancient art and the ethics of collecting. I wasn’t much help since we are still working on recreating the basic site outline and haven’t progressed to artifacts.


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