Second Life and Archaeology

Since work has slowed on IUP’s Archaeology Island (see below), I thought that this would be a good time to visit some other Second Life sites that deal with archaeology.Archaeology_island_work_001

My first stop was Xibalba Maya Site. It is a recreation of the Temple of the Inscriptions, a Maya ruin in Palenque Mexico. It is a picturesque site with a large Mayan temple and a smoking volcano in the background.

XibalbaAt the top of the temple is a museum with a series of 8 vases and 2 photos. The artifacts had a link to both an artifact description and its entry in the Maya Vase Database. As of today, it has had 97 visitors. It looks like it is part of a larger continent of 11 islands that share a similar geography.  There was a lot of geography to explore – I got stuck in the volcano and flew through a lightning storm. I had seen mention of the site on the Second Life Educators List (SLED) According to the list, it was supposed to have underwater caves you can explore, but I was unable to find them or the site has changed. It was a pleasant stop and is worth a quick visit if you like Mayan archaeology.



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