SL Workshop

Well our SL workshop at IUP was today and I think it went well. I, unfortunately, was one of the people in charge and had to lead one of the sessions. I know a bit about SL but it is all self-taught and I was very worried about trying to teach it. It reminded me a little bit like when I was learning to teach scuba. I had been diving for quite a while and could do all the scuba skills without thinking about them, but needed to learn how to break the skill down and teach all of the components. I figured that this was the same sort of thing, but it seemed to go ok. I wasn’t happy, I could have dome better but everyone seemed ok and left in a good mood.  Anyway, one down one to go. I have to do a presentation for the IUP Council of Trustees in about 2 weeks and need to think about what I want to show them, hopefully inspiration will strike.



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