Second Life Ramping Up

It seems that I am spending more and more time in Second Life everyday. It is mainly because I have a couple of important Second Life events coming up. On Monday, we are holding a Second Life workshop at IUP for faculty and staff interested in learning more about it. I say we because we have a Second Life Coordination Committee that has been working very diligently to get IUP up and running in SL. Anyway, I agreed to help and do a brief introduction before the more qualified guys take over and demonstrate some serious SL skills. So I figured that if I was going to be talking about SL and using my avatar to demonstrate things that I ought to do what I had not yet done, find some decent clothes, hair, and skin for my avatar. So for the last two nights I have been shopping in SL looking to create a halfway decent look and not having much luck. Either the look is very hip or very basic, and I have to ask – where is all the stuff for middle-aged guys? Anyway, I have had better luck tonite and finally started finding some stuff and then realized that my inventory is out of control. So, that is what I will be working on tonite, and maybe tomorrow……and Saturday…..and Sunday…


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