Pre-Thanksgiving Rush

Well, I managed two days in a row before failing to post, ah well. Anyway, let’s see…..the podcast and press release on the Robert E. Cook Honors College foray into Second Life I mentioned earlier came out this evening. I spent some time online updating various webpages that I am responsible for and updated parts of the PKAP webpage to try to keep it up-to-date. I also worked on a budget for a grant Bill is working on for the this summer. The big project I have started working on is the poster for the Archaeological Institute of America’s Annual Meeting in Chicago this January. Even though, I guess saying that I have started working on it is a little bit of a stretch. I spent yesterday making sure that I was registered for the conference, renewed my annual membership, arranged my flight, and reserved a hotel room. It is a good thing, I get so much travel money from IUP, this year’s amount will be about $100.00 Pretty amazing, huh? No error there, somehow IUP expects us to go to conferences on an amount less than the registration cost for most conferences. Anyway, I started laying out some ideas for the poster and started looking for good images to use in it. That is actually the hardest part for me. Over the last 5 years we have collected an amazing number of digital photos. If anybody has any good ideas or solutions for managing a large image database, please let me know – I spend a lot of time looking for photos I know we have, but can’t find them. My New Year’s resolution this year will be to get our photos arranged, organized, and tagged before this field season. Well……at least that is what I think it will be, it could change by January 1st.


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