Back Again

So much for keeping up with posting here. Anyway, let’s see what has happened lately…..PKAP recently  had a paper accepted at the International Association for Classical Archaeology’s XVII International Congress of  Classic Archaeology in Rome 2008. We have also begun working on a poster for a poster session at the Archaeological Institute of America’s annual meeting in Chicago in January 2008. This should be quite an experience, it is a 4′ x 8′ poster dealing with our student education. As we progress, I’ll try to put up some of our rough drafts.

As for Second Life, Archaeology Island is still slowly progressing. We hope to get quite a bit down over the next few weeks, but will have a semester break starting in December that will slow us down as the students in the Applied Media and Gaming Center take exams and go home for break. We are hoping to have a big unveiling in February/March. I did a podcast tonite that talked about the Robert E. Cook’s Honor College foray into Second Life. Two IUP Honors College students have been working on recreating part of the Honors College on Crimson Island. If you get a chance, check it out at and head toward the recreation of the Parthenon that is slowly going up. To the left is the entrance to the HC.


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