Ok, the first part of the PKAP presence in SL is far enough along to talk about it. The problem has been that I am learning as I go along and …… let’s just say the path has had its pitfalls. So, a little background first. Last spring, I wrote a small grant with Dr. Bev Chiarulli from IUP’s Anthro department to fund the development of an archaeology island in Second Life (SL) and we were pleasantly surprised to have it funded by a grant from IUP. We started working on the project and were very, very fortunate to make the acquaintance of Dr. Allen Partridge of IUP’s Applied Media and Simulation Games Center who has brought his considerable expertise to the project. Dr. Partridge and his staff have been helping us design an island that will allow visitors to experience three different archaeological sites: 1) our PKAP site, focusing on the hill of Vigla; 2) Dr. Chiarulli’s work in Belize with Mayan culture; and 3) an underwater site with a shipwreck. We are still working on this island and hope to make it available to the public this spring.


Our other presence in SL is on IUP’s Crimson Island, or actually above it – about 650 meters above it. I have created a PKAP building that serves as both a research complex and visitor’s center. It is still under construction, but you are welcome to come by and visit it and see how it progresses. I’ll set up a link to it from Crimson Island, down by the Digital History building. Feel free to leave me some any comments or suggestions you have in our comment box.



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