BSC Report

Well, I have returned from Canada successfully, even though my flight was a bit bumpy and very loud – was on a small turboprop. On Saturday I gave a presentation on PKAP research at the Byzantine Studies Conference and I felt it went well – I didn’t fall down or look like a total idiot. In fact, I received some nice feedback on the paper and talked to several people who are interested in participating in upcoming seasons. The only drawback to going was losing a couple days of grading time – I gave midterms at the end of last week.

On to Second Life news – We have been proceeding to work on various projects for the virtual world Second Life. I have been fairly quiet about them because I wasn’t sure how fast we would be proceeding on them, but they are actually moving forward very quickly. I will take some pictures and talk about each project over the next few days to let you know what we are doing. Tomorrow – PKAP Headquarters. So, if you are interested in this – go get an account with Second Life (it’s free) and start exploring.


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