Preparing for the BSC

Well, I think I have finished updating the PKAP webpages. There are a few minor things that need to be straightened out, but they will have to wait for a few days. The goal this week is to finish up our Byzantine Studies Conference (BSC) paper for this weekend. This is a great opportunity for us to produce some material that can be used in our project monograph which we are starting to work on. I am working on the ceramics database and trying to isolate 7th century AD ceramics in an effort to understand better the late phase of our site. The walls we discovered this summer, in conjunction with the geophysical work, will certainly assist the ceramic analysis. The only drawback to the BSC is the way the dollar continues to fall – I just checked and the current exchange rate is 1 US dollar equals .98 Canadian dollars!! This trip is going to be expensive and my IUP travel budget doesn’t go far. Anyway, it will hopefully be a good experience.


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