Back again

Sorry for the lack of updates but the last week has been hectic. We finished up most things and then I took a few days and went on a mini-vacation to Turkey for 4 days. I have to admit that the sites in Turkey are impressive and definitely worth seeing. I’ll post some pictures later today after doing a few odds and ends. As for PKAP, I am the only oner here. Everybody has left and we only have a few small tasks left to do. I was supposed to meet with an archaeologist from the Cyprus Department of Antiquities this morning to officially turn our pottery over to the museum but that has been moved to tomorrow. I wish I had known that earlier, I got back in Cyprus from Turkey via Athens last night a little after midnight and spent an hour or so preparing for the meeting. So, I am a bit tired today and could have slept in if I had known about the change, but I will take a nap later today. I also have to finish up our final report that gets turned into the Department of Antiquities at the end of each season. Since this is a joint work (everyone writes up their section), my task is to organize it, print it up, and turn it in. I also need to start on the Powerpoint presentation for the annual CAARI conference this Saturday, so I will spend a lot of today looking through this season’s photos (approximately 6 GBs) to find some good ones to us. More later.


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