Week coming to a close

Our last full week of work is coming to a close and it is starting to feel like we are not going to finish everything we wanted to accomplish this season. Dr. Hadjicosti, from the Cyprus Department of Antiquities, stopped by Wednesday to talk to us about the project and plan for our final monograph, which we are writing jointly with her. It was a good visit and I feel pretty good about the progress we are making on our publication and she seemed pleased with our fieldwork. My friend Nick Kardulias, a professor at Wooster, came down from Athienou to visit. The Athienou Archaeological Project (AAP) run by Dr. Michael Tomazou and Dr. Dereck Counts is a very well-run project about 20 kilometers up the road. They have always been very helpful to us and hopefully we can help them out in some way in the future to pay them back a little.

The project is getting smaller each day, two more left today. In a way, a smaller project staff is harder to manage logistically in some ways. It is certainly harder to get pottery washed in a hurry. I didn’t feel like cooking tonite, so I sent out for sandwiches – but nobody seems to mind. Tomorrow night we are planning to go to Nicosia for dinner at the Syrian Friendship Club, my favorite restaurant on the island. The great food on Cyprus is one reason I work here – but not the only one.


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