Pace picks up

The pace of the project has really picked up this week. We are down to our last 2 weeks of work and are working furiously to get everything accomplished that we can. We spent the this afternoon trying to tie up some loose ends in the field and should have them done by the end of the week. The museum work is still progressing, but a bit slower than I like and I have some concerns about getting it all done in time. We also have people that are starting to leave the project – today three students departed for the US and by Sunday another three will be gone. This will certainly make things more difficult as we lose manpower. Tomorrow is a big day as Dr. Maria Hadjicosti from the Cyprus Department of Antiquities comes to visit us to check on our progress and talk about our joint publication. It will also be a chance for us to talk about our plans for next year. We just finished a meeting where we tried to make sure that we were as ready for the meeting as we can be. I’ll post a longer blog tomorrow, but tonite I am just beat and I have to take a student to the airport at midnight.


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