Back to the Museum

Today we went back to the museum to continue cataloguing artifacts for our publication. There were, however, lots of other things that went on as well. To start the morning, the students spent time washing pottery and pulling artifacts. Our videographer, Joe Patrow, showed up to continue filming interviews for our documentary. Joe was responsible for our first documentary, Survey on Cyprus, which was filmed in 2005. Joe did a fantastic job on it and it was well received. (For more on Survey on Cyprus visit He spent today interviewing people, including myself. It was sort of weird, he had me sit on a chair in the parking lot because it had the angle and lighting he was looking for, but it must have looked strange to people coming to and from the museum. We have high hopes for this project since we hope to have Joe’s video work turned into three items: 1) a traditional documentary for airing on television; 2) video footage that will be placed on our website to help better illustrate our work; and 3) short vignettes for use in the classroom.

Later in the morning the geophysical team, Jim Hunt and Michael Brown, stopped by and showed us the latest images from their work on Vigla and at Koutsopetria. I have to admit that at first glance the images are very confusing, but when they explained how to interpret it, we are very excited about what it means for future work. Jim was pleased enough with the results to offer to go back into the field tomorrow to finish off all of Vigla.

After lunch we took 2 survey teams and 2 mapping teams into the field again. The mapping and survey teams on Vigla actually finished up all the possible units that can be done unless the farmer who works the land harvests a couple of small barley fields. The data will be interesting to examine when it gets input into the database and GIS system, since it finally looks like the pottery numbers were trailing off – a sign that we may have reached the northernmost edge of our settlement area.


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