Back to Work

Today was business as usual for the PKAP project. It is a holiday on the island and nothing, except for restaurants is open. It was a little strange this morning heading out to the site with nobody on the roads at all. Since it was a holiday, the museum was closed and we used the day to map out more grid squares and survey. It was a momentous day for the project in that it was the first time we ever had 2 fieldteams surveying at the same time, one was on Vigla and one was on Kokkinokremos. Things went well as the 2 teams surveyed 25 units between them. I did get a little too much sun since I forgot to put on sunscreen and the sun did not feel that bright. Fortunately I had on long pants because of the high brush and only got sun on my arms….and some on my face so that I have the outline of my sunglasses showing. In the afternoon we sent out a mapping team and took the students out to show them Kokkinokremos properly and gave them an introduction to the Bronze Age history of the site, as well as show them Bronze age ceramics and give them a quick course on lithics.

View from Vigla


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