Field Work begins

Well, we officially started fieldwork today. We took the students up to Vigla, the large hill, that overlooks the settlement that we have been surveying for the last three seasons. We went through a basic training session with the students and showed them out to space themselves properly, use a compass to take a bearing, and finally explained our collection system to them. While they surveyed the top of the hill, supervised by a graduate student, my co-director and I explored the edge of the hill. We have had a team conducting geophysical work for us on Vigla and their work has been showing some interesting features under the surface. When we walked around the hill, we discovered parts of several walls that appear to be Late Roman in date, indicating that the top of the hill was enclosed in a fairly substantial fortress – needless to say this was very good news. And bad in a way, in that we now will be altering our summer plans to take this into account.

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